The Projects

The Precision Education at National University initiative is identifying research-based projects that will explore various ways to enhance the student academic experience through the three categories of focus:

  • Better understanding students
  • Unbundling and expanding instruction and support
  • Multiple pathways that provide many options for students

Each project will be conceptualized and explored by teams that include a mix of staff and administrators; faculty; and outside experts. Each project will follow a rigorous protocol for evaluation to assure standardization and validity of data. Here are examples of identified areas for exploration:

Adaptive Machine Learning Instruction
These projects involve re-designing courses into units of learning that can be tested online to measure progressive subject mastery. The goal is to identify and test technologies and online resources to create a customized student experience that adapts to individual learning styles.

Competency-Based Learning
These projects explore ways to allow students to demonstrate mastery of subjects independent of fixed course timeframes. This may involve designing and implementing a competency-based set of courses to be taken according to the students’ individual pace.

First Course Screening Assessment (Undergraduates)
These projects are aimed at better defining student academic needs in their first course to provide a more accurate assessment and foundation for future advising and academic support.

A project in this area might award micro-credentials to students who complete modules or demonstrate competencies for professional development. Bundling of these micro-credentials could be considered for credit, with the aim of increasing employability or job effectiveness.

Online Student Goal Setting (Academic and Career focus)
Helping students set goals for their academic and career path will be an important part of the Precision Education ecosystem. These projects may use online goal-setting programs to help students articulate, document and develop strategies for academic and career success.

Advisor and Adjunct Matching
Projects in this area would utilize a two-sided market match approach to connect students with advisors who have demonstrated success in working with students who share similar needs. Such programs are common in tutoring and customer support, though rarely used in advising.

Navigating Learning, and Learning Supports (i.e. Course Navigator)
Like a dashboard, these systems will provide streamlined access for all information applicable to each students’ academic progress, helping to guide them to courses and sequences that may shorten their time to degree, and that align with goal achievement.

Data Integrity
These projects aim to ensure the validity and reliability of real-time data generated from multiple sources of assessment tools that are used by the Precision Education ecosystem to support student progress.

Precision Institute® Grant Policy
Precision Institute® policy limits the reimbursement of administrative overhead costs at 15% of the awarded grant amount. The Institute cannot accept requested reimbursements exceeding that limit for any direct or indirect cost recovery determinations.

For more information on submitting a team project, please contact: