Our Team

The Precision Education Team

The Precision Education at National University initiative is led by National University president, Dr. David Andrews, in conjunction with a special University-wide commission on innovation that provides oversight of the design and implementation process.

Dr. David Andrews, National University President
In 2016, Dr. David Andrews joined National University from Johns Hopkins University, where he served as dean of the School of Education and developed a reputation for his rigorous, research-based approaches toward higher education. He came to National University with a clear vision of how the university could be a leader in identifying, testing, and refining approaches to personalized education.

The National University Commission
Members of the commission include: National University administrators and staff; faculty; board of trustees representation; leading industry experts.

The commission’s purpose is to guide this evolving Initiative, which includes engaging faculty and staff in defining and exploring possible focus areas of Precision Education.

The commission also evaluates proposals that are being solicited from the National University internal community to further develop Precision Education through research-based projects. A total of 8-10 “proof-point” projects are being identified to further define and evaluate Precision Education impacts on the student academic experience.